Let's Connect!

Who am I?

Khalilah Hall is the Founder and Chief Planning Officer of College and Scholarship Help. She helps families successfully navigate the college application and scholarship process, with the goal of significantly lowering their personal education expenses. 

Her mission is to increase the number of First Generation college students who not only apply to college and get accepted, but also to help them secure scholarships and graduate with little to NO debt.

How have I helped others?

Seven years of helping hundreds of students create customized strategies to position themselves competitively to universities and scholarship foundations. 

This has resulted in parents gaining clarity and a better understanding of the overall college applications and scholarship process. In addition to students being accepted into their top college choices and receiving tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships and even attending college for FREE

How can I help you?

I am the college resource partner for numerous schools, community organizations, non-profit foundations and others, whose focus is to help First Generation students successfully get accepted into college, maximize opportunities to be awarded scholarships and graduate with little to no debt!  

If you're an organization who needs a relatable, resourceful and knowledgeable speaker to guide your youth, parents and/or guardians through the college application and scholarship process, look no further!

Topics will cover college admissions, applications, financial aid, scholarships, essays, letters of recommendations and MORE!