Graduating Seniors Transition to College

The Class of 2020 is preparing to graduate (soon) and understandably, there can be questions on...What’s next and How do I get a head start?

Join College and Scholarship Help founder, Khalilah Hall as she shares insight and tips for Seniors (and their parents) on the upcoming transition to college!

She’ll be joined by a representative from The University of North Florida who will share valuable information and tips from the college perspective! You do not want to miss this!

You’ll also see and hear about the Grad Gift Box. You may be selected to receive a prize from College and Scholarship Help! 


College Admissions Overview


Congratulations on making it to your Senior year!

If you're planning to apply to college, did you know that there are multiple admission options? Before you submit any applications, it's vital that you understand the different types of admissions. In this webinar you'll learn about the various admission options, cycles, separate application requirements depending on your major. I'll also share tips on how you could stand out in the admissions process!  Be sure to have PLENTY of paper and a pen ready!


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Nearly 3 BILLION dollars in financial aid went unclaimed by students! With the cost of college steadily rising, it's critical that students understand HOW to apply for scholarships, WHERE to look, WHO to ask and WHEN to apply. In this webinar, you'll hear from the Financial Aid Coordinator of a Florida university. She shares insight with you on the various types of financial aid, who qualifies and MORE! 



College App Essay and Scholarship Resume

 The topics covered in this recording is what I generally refer to as the "trifecta"....the college application essay, scholarship resume and panel interview prep. Every high school senior should have a compelling essay and competitive resume ready, in addition to being prepared for a panel interview. Many colleges and scholarship committees will conduct panel interviews. The tips and insight provided in the webinar will be valuable in the student's preparation process! 


Parent Prep & Planning Session

Applying to college can be overwhelming and confusing for not only students, but parents as well. As a parent, the thought of your child(ren) going off to college can be mind boggling. However, before you reach graduation day, there are MANY tasks that must be completed. And guess what, many of those tasks require parent involvement and signatures, including the FAFSA. 

Parents, did you also know that access to your child's grades and other information may be restricted when they enter college? Did you know that you will need to create a separate FSA ID for the FAFSA? Don't worry, this recorded webinar covers MANY topics to help you better understand how to navigate the college application process and what steps to take.

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